#11 – Soup and a Stroll

Today has been a very busy day, in fact, it’s one of those days that seems to be over as soon as you wake up.
Not only did we go to see our daughter Belicia swimming, but we also had to take our two new kittens to the vet, and organise soup lunch at the church.
We had arranged to help the vicar by organising the weekly soup lunch. They normally buy a number of tins of soup, bread and a nice cake. My wife, however, wasn’t content with that, she wanted something more homemade. This is where the problems quickly started.
We chopped, sliced, diced and crushed many types of vegetable including potatoes and leeks. We then started to boil them all in a large pot, then realised that we didn’t have a hand blender. I was assured that there was one at home, so off I drove to get it.
After searching all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, all I could find was the motor but no attachment. So I went back to the church to break the bad news. By this time, the soup was nearly ready, so we went to plan B and mashed it with potato mashers. It wasn’t quite the smooth consistency my wife was searching for, but it was better than lumpy veg.
My wife then realised that it wasn’t thick enough, so dispatched me to the local supermarket for thickener. In the end, the soup was a slightly lumpy success, they even had seconds.
Today was also the first dog walk in the countryside since the summer. Amber was pleased, but this quickly turned to exhaustion. As soon as we got back from the walk, she had to take to her bed for the evening.
It is a good exercise for the both of us and is something I am going to do more of over the winter.
Anxiety Level 4

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