#15 – I Didn't Press The Panic Button! 

Sometimes, in fact not as often as it could, my anxiety will suddenly rise to ridiculous levels for no reason what so ever.
It goes without saying that I don’t particularly like these days. Today was like this, in fact, I am still feeling the after effects.
It makes me feel really awful which is worse when I have no explanation to try and reason with. I sometimes think my anxiety does this on purpose just to prove a very vicious point.
It doesn’t just affect my mood, or also alters my outlook on things. I go from looking forward to something, to wishing it wasn’t approaching. My tasks and to-do list suddenly become the most difficult things in the world.
To someone looking in from the outside, it must look like I am either miserable or just disinterested. This is not the case at all, in fact, its the exact opposite.
Needless to say, the countermeasures have been out in force today and will be on stand-by for the evening.
Anxiety Level 9 

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