#19 -More Carrots Vicar?

Sunday saw us trying to cook for the monthly film club at church. We had decided that we would do a semi-Christmas lunch for the kids instead of their usual pizza. This was a bigger task than we expected, but it all turned out fine in the end.
We arrived early to start preparing the food. The vicar had bought some chicken thighs for the dinner and we managed to fit them all into the oven without casualties.
The day before, my wife and I had gone to get the vegetables, she was adamant that we needed seven bags of carrots about the same number of potatoes. We were only catering for about 20 people, so it seemed a bit too much.
When we arrived, my wife proceeded to empty all the carrots into a large pot to boil. Bearing in mind that this pot could quite easily hold a mans head it was that big, the carrots filled it to the brim. Every time someone came in, their first comment was ‘got enough carrots there?’
In fact, there were so many and so much water was needed that it didn’t come to the boil for over 30 minutes. We were discussing whether carrots was a good  thing to serve for a pudding when it finally started to cook.
Everything else went surprisingly well, everyone seemed to enjoy the meal, and the film Paddington went down well with the kids. There was a brief interlude for hot chocolate, then it was back for the second half.
We have been helping run the film club for a couple of months while the church found a new children’s minister. It has been great fun helping out, but I think they will be better off when the new person starts next month.

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