#21 – Coffee and Go Nuts

I am probably more excited than a grown man should be, but we are going to be getting a new coffee machine. We already have a Nespresso, but it is a few years old now and is in need of some TLC.
We noticed a new deal they had to subscribe to the club. For the monthly fee, you get a new Nespresso machine and credits towards pods. I have to say that I love my coffee and when I saw it I nearly fell over.
I had hoped that it would be here today, but it has been a little delayed. Never mind though, as we have received the pods in readiness for its arrival. I have even been watching the Nespresso YouTube videos to see how best to use it. I didn’t know for example, that you could adjust how much hot water it dispenses. It will teach me to read the instructions next time.
There will of course, be many pictures of the new inissia machine when it arrives….along with me looking happy.
In other news, there has been another attack on the nativity under the Christmas tree. There are many casualties and the two perpetrators have fled the scene.

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