#22 – 12+1 Sleeps to go Till Santa

As I wrote that title, I got the overwhelming feeling that I didn’t want to put the number that makes 12+1. I’m not overly superstitious as a rule, but it was a feeling I just had to go with.
In essence though, I am not ready for Christmas this year. It isn’t just a matter of getting presents or sending Christmas cards, it’s a distinct lack of holiday spirit.
Of course, this is understandable given the year we have had so far, but this year, I am really craving a curl up on the sofa with cliche Christmas telly and snacks. I am normally fairly easy when it comes to where I spend my holiday period, but this year, my own four walls would be perfect.
I am finding myself feeling a little militant about the traditional things as well. I sat in front of the TV the other day, thinking that maybe as a change, we should just have a nice piece of gammon instead of turkey. I have never entertained such ideas before, but thankfully, my feelings toward Quality Street and Roses haven’t changed. (though don’t get me started on the size of the tins!)
The odd thing for someone like me who always likes the status quo, is that I am feeling a sense of liberation from wanting to do things differently this year. Is it any coincidence that my anxiety levels have been low as well?
I will sit here and ponder that as a kitten tries to ab sail down my leg!

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