24# – Coughing Around The Christmas Tree

This week has had its share of good and bad points I have to say. My wife has had a bad cold over the past few days which has led to a lot of days in bed resting. Despite this, however, we managed to attend a Christmas party at church yesterday as well as the annual festive meal today.
The party was good although there weren’t as many people there as we expected. There was a lot of sticking and glueing as well as glitter, paint and all kinds of mess. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the buffet lunch went down well.
Sunday was the annual Christmas lunch at church. This year’s mean was sausage with mash and cheesy leeks. Not what you would call traditional, but certainly yummy. However, there were crackers and lots of good company thrown in to round off an upbeat week. It actually put me in a bit of festive spirit which has been lacking this year.
I also had some nice news from the Wisdom Hospice that my daughter and I helped to raise money for. They want to put our efforts in their newsletter which is amazing. It was a modest effort, but am effort none the less. The Just Giving page is still open for anyone who might want to help those in need of care.
My anxiety was a little high today, mainly because of being in such a close social situation at the dinner. But it was manageable which was a nice change from other episodes lately.
Anxiety Level 5

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