3 Positives That I Take From My Emetophobia



I have always thought that my phobias (yes that more than one apparently, but that’s for another post) were holding me back from the things I wanted to do. In some ways they are, but in others I have started to see some of them such a emetophobia as a protection.

I read this article about how phobias effect people and what causes them, and it makes some sense to me. Of course, a phobia is far more than simply a natural fear mechanism, but, that doesn’t mean that I have to accept them as something bad. In one of my previous posts about motivation and procrastination, I said that I have been thinking about how my anxiety is effecting my ambition and whether I can overcome it. However, I now think that maybe I can rethink my phobias and make them into positives.

Food Awareness

One of the positives that I take from my emetophobia is the fact that I spend more time than most thinking about the food I eat. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include cutting out sugar or fat, but it does mean that I avoid foods and places where I think I might get a bad experience. That includes burger vans (even the clean ones), and seafood. Not that I like seafood anyway, but that isn’t the point.

Drinking in Moderation

I have never liked most alcohol, but with the invention of fruit ciders, it has been difficult not to like them. However, even though I do like cider, I don’t like the idea of getting drunk because that can lead to something I don’t like. It means I am often the designated driver, but I’d rather that than the other consequence.

Avoiding Illness

I am not that social at the best of times, but I find that my emetophobia is enough to stop me from being near anyone that might be remotely ill. Colds are usually OK to a point, but anything above that results in quarantine in my house along with my regular hand washing going into overdrive. It does mean, however, that I have so far managed to avoid most of the nasty things going around.

If you are also affected by emetophobia, do you have anything you see as a positive? It might not seem that way, but there are benefits from being this way; at least that is what I am telling myself.


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