300 Posts Later, How Has My Blogging Changed?

It is funny that I am sitting here writing my 300th blog post on this site. I have had other sites in the past, but this one has been the one that has kept me fulfilled and also been a cathartic way of expressing my anxiety and my struggles with it.
I thought it only fitting that I use this post to reflect on my blogging life and style. It is true to say that I haven’t always been a prolific blogger, especially when I have been having bad spells. However, I have always felt at home writing about my problems, and I hoped that they might inspire others to seek help or to know that there are others out there suffering in the same way.
When I first started writing on here with my first post I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it. It was more a case of just posting random things about my day and my health, which was good, but not exciting I guess.
Although I have done the occasional ‘list’ blog post, I don’t usually like doing them. I know they are popular and they are informative, but I never really started this blog to make money or do what everyone else does, it was more a case of saying what I wanted to say.
I have changed styles a little I think, I have recently started a musical reflection series and an anxious mind series, and I love doing them both. I don’t have a lot of time to blog these days, but I enjoy writing them just in case anyone reads them and likes them 😉
As you might also know from my site, I don’t usually write long posts, I don’t think people want to read a long piece about me or something I’m doing, they just want the edited highlights.
So, what next? Well, I want to carry on writing and doing this blog because it has become more than just a blog for me now. I also see this as a little piece of me that my daughter can look back and read. My dad did it with cassette recordings that I still have, and I hope that this will still be around somewhere when she gets older.

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