5 Medical Phobias You Might Not Know

It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I found out the name of my particular phobia. Up until that point, I hadn’t even realised that other people suffered from it. It was one of the many things that social media has done to make me feel that I wasn’t alone. It led me to think about what other phobias there were that I hadn’t heard about before. I have put together five medical phobias that I hadn’t heard about until now. I was considering using images on this, but thought better of it, just in case it triggers someone.
1 Latrophobia
Although there are many people who don’t like going to see the doctor, I hadn’t realised that there were people who had an actual fear of them. You always consider doctors to be there to help you, but for those suffering from Latrophobia, the opposite is true.
2 Nosophobia
Hypochondria is something I had always associated with this type of person, although maybe someone with Nosophobia has a more severe reaction. It seems that sufferers of Nosophobia have a fear of contracting a terrible disease.
3 Mysophobia
Another phobia that I didn’t know I had, mysophobia is a fear of germs. Apparently people that suffer from this have to clean or disinfect everything they touch. Perhaps I am not as bad as that, but I certainly go through a lot of hand sanitiser.
Having a headache is no fun at all, and migraines in particular are awful. For some people, the fear of having a headache when they are pain free is overwhelming. The name they have for a fear of headaches is Cephalgiaphobia.
5 Tomophobia
Having surgery is never something you would look forward to, though people with Tomophobia have serious problems. Some people have been known to refuse life saving surgery because of this fear.
Phobias are not something you would wish on anyone, it isn’t as some people think, just a dislike, it goes a lot further than that. For many people with phobias, it effects their entire life in some degree.

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