Anxiety – The Control Game

AnxThe ControlGame
I have had anxiety for many years, and I am well aware of the up’s and down’s that it can throw at you. Just when you think you are feeling a little better, something happens and puts it all back to the start.
That is the kind of thing that I have been dealing with over the past few days. Since I have been using CBD oil, I have seen a marked improvement in my mood and my anxiety. It has been so beneficial that I have even reduced my traditional medication. However, that all went back to the beginning just at the worst time.
I had successfully navigated two nights out with my brother and our friend, and a treasure hunt in recent weeks. I thought that all was good, then a few days ago, I started to feel the old faithful anxiety feelings returning. I have had this hundreds of times, so I thought it would be a passing phase. Unfortunately, it started an anxious chain that has now lasted over four days. It has yet again, stopped me from doing the things I want, and being the person I want to be.
Going out is not an option, and none of my usual countermeasures were working. What had caused this to happen? What was the trigger? Truthfully? I have no idea!

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