Blog to Appeal, or Inform, or Both?

This is an issue that has been in my head for a while and in opinions for a while longer. My anxiety has sometimes tempered my responses, but only in my writing.
I have read many of the ‘Blog to Success’ and ‘How to Create a Compelling Blog’ articles that those with more exposure than me have written. In many of them, they advise that you should be writing in a certain format and try not to offend or rant about anything on your site.
I realise the problems of ranting about something in the heat of the moment. You might well say something that you regret and it can be hard to apologise after the fact. But sometimes a well-balanced, informed and objective piece can broach a subject that help as well as educate.
I have a periscope channel that I have been using for ‘Sparrow Watch’ at the moment as it has been something a bit quirky. I actually started it to try and inform and help people about anxiety and mental health. My reasons for not doing that range from time to opportunity, but also slight trepidation.
This is a live medium that cannot be edited or paused if you make a mistake. You are also open to live comments from the viewers that can be both constructive or not. It is the latter reason in particular, that has caused me to hesitate. My anxiety says that I won’t be able to cope with any negative comments, though I am sure I can. Besides, there are many other people getting ‘roasted’ over their feeds, so I won’t be alone.
I could turn off my comments, but where is the fun in that? Part of the appeal for people including me, is the interaction with your audience.
Negative comments are the norm of course, even my daughters favourite YouTuber, DanTDM gets negative comments, even with his millions of followers. How we deal with the comments is the key.
I don’t really want a blog or any other medium that conforms or does the same thing as everyone else, just to fit in. I want to say what I think is important and if people don’t like it, then they don’t. Honest and integrity are far more important to readers than anything else, plus, it is more fun that way!

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