Can ASMR Videos Help People With Mental Illness Relax and Sleep?

Can ASMR Videos Help People With Mental Illness Relax and Sleep

I was reading some stories related to mental health and I came across an interesting article on The Conversation website about how people are using ASMR type videos on YouTube to help them relax and get to sleep. 

I have to be honest and say that I had never heard about ASMR before, or their effect on people with anxiety and mental health problems. However, I was interested to see if this could be a way to help me relax and get to sleep, mainly because that is a problem I have had for a while. 

I then thought about my daughter, and the number of videos she watches on YouTube every day. These videos are not necessarily calming and designed to relax you, but because she has autism, maybe this is a subconscious way she has developed of relaxing?  

I also like to watch videos and movies before I go to bed, as I find that it helps me to wind down, though evidence suggests that this type of activity should keep you awake rather than help you sleep. 

I have always chastised by daughter from watching too much YouTube before bed, but she never has any problems sleeping, so perhaps the ASMR is working on her? 

It seems from the article I read, that more research is needed as apparently, not everyone experiences the tingling sensation that it is supposed to trigger. 

I thought I would do a quick search on YouTube to see what came up, and, well, you have to see it to believe it. There are hundreds of these ASMR videos with people doing everything from ‘virtually’ cutting your hair to whispering to you down the microphone. My personal favourite was the lady who was licking false ears. I have embedded the video for your delight. 

I’m in two minds about this really, but for the sake of experimentation, and to see if it helps me sleep, I will give it a try. But I won’t be watching the ear licking one..sorry nice lady. 

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