Podcast Ep 45 – Mental Health Problems Linked to Early Risers


An article in The Guardian today mentions a study at the  University of Exeter. This study suggests those who get up early are less likely to suffer mental health problems. People who stay up later in the evening, but have to get up early in the morning are also more likely to suffer from mental health problems such as schizophrenia.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find it easy to get up early? Is your mental health affected by late nights?

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Podcast Ep 41 – Bullying is Not OK

Today, I talk about bullying, following an article on The Mighty about  10-year-old Seven Bridges who died by suicide after being bullied.

Bullying is never OK, and I discuss some of the things you can do to get support and help if you are the victim of bullying.

There are also many charities such as Young Minds, that offer advice and support.

If you are being bullied, please speak to someone.

Podcast Ep 40 – Mental Health on the Agenda at Davos

Today, I talk about mental health because it’s on the agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

It is great to see mental health issues being raised by people such as Prince William. However, it is also vital that this doesn’t get drowned out by other topics on the agenda.

Let’s work together to get mental health trending at Davos on social media.

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Podcast Ep 39 – How Can You Make Anxiety Easier at Work?

Having a bad anxiety day is bad enough, but when you have to be at work as well, it can be even worse. 

Today, I talk about how to make your anxiety better in the workplace. I also talk about the stigma surrounding people who can’t work. 

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Podcast Ep 38 – For Many Blue Monday is Not Just One Day

Today is supposed to be Blue Monday, when statistically, most people feel low mood and depression. 

On the show today, I talk about how for many people, Blue Monday isn’t just one day a year. I also offer some tips on how you can help to raise your mood, whatever day it is. 

If you are feeling low, have depression, or anxiety, try to talk to someone who you trust, or speak to someone from one of the many charities that can help you. 

I have a list of charities on my website that you can contact for help and support. 

Podcast Ep 37 – How Not to Eat a Razor Clam

To say I am a fussy eater is a bit of an understatement, but when we went on a holiday to Spain, I thought I would try the local cuisine. 

Though the food was wonderful, I had a particularly difficult fight with a razor clam which I wanted to share with you today. 

If you suffer with food anxiety, or you simply don’t like seafood, then you will find this episode interesting. 

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Podcast Ep 35 – Should You Take a Time Out From Technology?

Should you take a time out from technology

I love tech, but sometimes, being constantly connected to everyone else can become draining. 

Today, I discuss whether it’s a good idea to occasionally take some time out, and turn off those mobile phones. Can being off the grid help your mental health? 

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Ep 33 – Mental Health in History

The way that mental health and conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder have been improved through research and greater understanding, is wonderful.

It is even more amazing when you consider how doctors and therapists used to treat such conditions.

I talk about how mental health treatment has changed, and how new technology and research has also eliminated some stigma.

I also take a look at the role of the asylum, and how it dealt with people with mental health problems.

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