Clear The Loft, Clear The Mind

Lately, we have noticed a problem that many couple faces, we have no room in our house.

For a long while, we have been the type of people who will throw everything in the loft. This is regardless of whether it is working or not. But it has now reached the point where the loft was full and our ‘stuff’ was encroaching on the other rooms.
So yesterday, we made a conscious effort to clear out our loft and thus clear out our clogged minds. It can be a very cathartic experience to have a spring (well, late summer) clean and I really wanted the desk that sat in the loft, to once again become my work desk.
I just one day so far, we have managed to throw out 9 bags of rubbish and allocate another 5 for donating. We are very pleased with ourselves and have an enthusiastic energy for tomorrow.
It wasn’t as difficult to throw things away as we had thought. Once we had cleared the seat covers from a Model T Ford and removed the Penny Farthing, we were well on the way. My wife will readily admit that she is a hoarder. She has always had problems with throwing away baby clothes and toys, but she has been very brutal and binned things I never thought she would.
Among our rubbish pile are the documents for three cars we no longer own and dozens of colouring books that have all been completed. If there was a prize for the loft with the most useless things in it, then I think we would get 1st place.

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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    It’s great you took the time out to declutter and I can only imagine what a relief it’s been.
    I’m happy for you and your wife.

  1. September 27, 2016

    […] you might know, if you read my previous post Clear The Loft, Clear The Mind, I have been very good and throwing out unwanted tat from my loft. I was continuing this saga which […]

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