Determination is the Key

One of the things that anyone who is successful will tell you, is that you have to be determined in order to succeed. This detail is unfortunately at odds with one of the main problems with anxiety.
Anxiety will tell you that you are a failure and that there is no point in going on with what you are doing. While this may be true on some occasions, it can never be true about those things you are passionate about.
I have been blogging for nearly a year now and in that time I have been working to get a plan together to be more successful. This plan has been altered and scrapped a few times along the way, but in essence, it is the same.
I want to educate, help and highlight all the things that have made mental health stigma so prevalent. I’m not looking for fame or fortune, just the opportunity to get my message to where it is needed.
This blog is part of that strategy, but over the last year, I have spread my posts and focus too thin. I am now trying to remain more focused on what is important and leave the rest behind.
All the time, I am in a constant battle with my anxious mind, who tells me its a waste of time and effort. I think that every voice has a place to be heard, and a point of view. But that voice has to be sincere and not just what you think will make you heard.
In the end, it all comes down to being in the right place and putting yourself out there. This is what I am doing and all those who want to do the same, don’t listen to your anxiety.

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