First Three Days in of the New School Year

Despite tears and tantrums, the first week of the new school year is half way through.

There is always an element of dread when the long six weeks of the summer holidays ends. Mainly because my daughter has fallen into the calm relaxing day-to-day existence of getting up late, having fun days and of course, no school.
As the first day approached, I could see the wheels in my daughter’s head quietly calculating how much time was left on the holiday clock.
She willingly spend hours in the shoe shops and the department stores while my wife trawled through next years school uniforms. She even spoke eagerly about the impending Kent Test that all year 6 children are eligible for.
However, when the morning of the first day arrived, my daughter was beside herself with sadness and worry. Suddenly, the school was the worst in the world, she had no friends and everyone hated her.
We were surprised, seeing as she has more followers as school than Justin Bieber. But we did the usual you have to go routine and promised a treat when she got home.
To our surprise, the sadness didn’t last long. By the time that we had arrived at the school and she had seen some of her friends, she was well into school mode. By the time that we had deposited her at her class, it felt as though we had never been away.
Now as we enter the downhill slope to the weekend, we are well and truly back into the routine and only a few weeks until the next holiday!

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