GP found dead after being suspended over bipolar disorder blog | UK news | The Guardian

I have thought long and hard about whether or not to write about this, but The Guardian doesn’t have a comment section for this article, so I needed to put my view across.
This GP who suffered from bipolar is the subject of an article in The Guardian. She was writing a blog about her condition and in that respect, giving a broad spectrum to the condition as both a GP and a sufferer.
One of her patients saw the blog and complained to the practice. She was suspended by the practice and even though they subsequently reinstated her, she went into a deep low.
Bipolar disorder is of course a very distressing condition to those who suffer from it and those who support them. I can’t help but feel however, that the practice could have given her more support over this issue.
I am sure that there are certain rules that GP’s have to abide by, but the fact that she was reinstated seems to show that she did nothing wrong. Maybe this shows a lack of compassion and understanding from the practice towards Dr Potts.
I think it also shows how far we still need to go as people to understand mental health. Having bipolar did not make Dr Potts a bad GP, but the fact that she had a mental illness seemed to imply that she was from this patients point of view.
Would this patient have thought the same way if another Dr had written a blog about their Diabetes?  Would the Dr in question have been suspended because of it?
Let common sense and medical knowledge not stigma dictate what happens, or there will be more tragic stories like these.

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  1. Luke Atkins says:

    terrible story for the bipolar community. thank you for sharing.

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