Here's Why Women's Football is Better

Before this World Cup 2018 started, I had seen a number of women’s football matches. I have always though that they deserved to have as much respect and support as their male counterparts. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that perhaps the women deserve more respect than the men.
In this World Cup as with others before, there has always been a level of aggression towards two opposing teams. It has seemed this year that this has escalated to new heights with grappling in the penalty area and pulling even worse than before. Although there is determination in the women’s game, it doesn’t descend into more rugby than football that I have seen so far this year. There also seems to be a rising decent towards the referee that has led to at least one booking. I haven’t seen anywhere near as much of this in the women’s game.
While I’m sure that even the women’s game isn’t without the diving aspect, it seems so prevalent in the men’s game, that if even one hair on their head is touched, they go down like a boxer with a glass jaw. I have to say that this is by far the worst aspect of the men’s game for me. It is making football the laughing stock of the sports world, these players have such a natural skill, yet they choose to look for free kicks and penalties instead. The women’s game is far more professional in my opinion, and more competitive than who can fall down the best.
In this World Cup, I have seen a lot of intimidation towards players, especially when taking penalties. The goal keeper will stand away from the goal, or players will crowd the penalty spot to try and put the taker off. Things like this aren’t professional, and they aren’t making the game look any better to outside countries. Again, I haven’t seen this in the women’s game, probably because they don’t see the point, and neither do I.
In a tournament like the World Cup, it is such a shame that I am thinking about all these negative things instead of the amazing talent that should be on show.

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