I'm Not Ready For Autumn!

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I have just found out that today is the first day of autumn (in the UK). This is definitely not on, I thought there were at least a couple of weeks of Summer left.

Autumn signals cooler weather and eventually Winter. Winter signals cold and rain, that signals colds and germs. That all signals an ever increasing level of anxiety for me until we start to hit the downhill slope after Christmas.
Even then, there are nasty viruses and germs that linger on well into Spring. In fact, apart from Summer, I am in a constant battle with my anxious mind.
I have tried many different things in the past to try and cope with this added stress. However, this is the first time I will be entering Winter with my latest strategy.
With my reduction in caffeine and my initial dabbles in yoga, I have found a new calmness that hasn’t been as stable for a long while. I am hoping that this will also lead to at least a calmer Winter than previous years.
My aching desire to play hermit in the cold months has grown stronger every year. Although I have managed to still leave the house, the fight can sometimes be worse than the anxiety.
No matter how much I like Christmas, it always fills me with a certain dread, as there is the inevitable shopping. I could do all my shopping online, but the juxtaposed position I find myself in is that I actually like the festive bargain hunting. It wouldn’t feel the same for me if I did it all online. I would miss all the lights, decorations and festive music that comes with that time of year.
So, I am hoping that my new strategy along with my countermeasures, will succeed in allowing me to take part in Winter this year instead of wishing it away.

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