Is The Wait For Mental Health Treatment Too Long?

With people still waiting for weeks or months for help, is there a risk that more people will turn to suicide?

I have been part of a very interesting blog over the past few weeks. I won’t mention the site now, but something has become increasingly apparent. I have been reading more and more about how desperate people are becoming with their treatment.
Every day, there are people posting heartbreaking messages about how they are still waiting for a referral after weeks or months. Some have had a referral and are now waiting in a list for counselling. Others have access to crisis teams but find that they get no help when they call.
Surely there must be a better way to deal with a problem that is getting worse. Every study and research that has been published recently has stated that mental health issues are rising. Not just in middle aged people or the elderly, but in the young as well. With something that is affecting so many people, surely there can be a better way of dealing with it.
I was asked to take part in a survey recently about suicide and how it can be prevented. I saw only one way, that more money is given to the mental health teams who are struggling to cope with the number of referrals. They do an amazing job with limited resources, but on many occasions, they just can’t get help to people in time.
I realise that there are limited funds for the NHS and everyone has a need, but if the government want people back into work, surely they have to start dealing with the problems people are having instead of ruling that they are not sick enough.
Many people with mental illness still work and contribute to the economy, yet they don’t get the help they need. Many really want to work and probably could if they were given the right support. Simply denying they are ill is not the way forward and in the end will be counter-productive.
Maybe they should stop labeling all those who commit crime around the world as mentally ill instead of just criminals and focus on those with a real need.

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