Journal #10 – Red Cup Heaven

The problem with having a blog sometimes is that you may feel less inclined to write. This can (at least for me), last a few days. It is times like these that I struggle to put pen to paper, or should I say, fingers to keyboard.
I really had to motivate myself to write this, but I think it’s important that I do. I want people to know that writing as with life, is not always to do.
I wanted to start a journal because I thought it would be a good thing for anyone reading it that suffers from anxiety like me. It shows that life can still go on even with the occasional hiccup. And that I don’t just write when I’m having a bad day so that people see there are good times as well.
One good time for me was the arrival of the red cups at Starbucks. There was actually a lot of whispering about when they were coming out, almost like waiting for the arrival of a bands new album. I half expected screams from the customers while throwing their knickers at the baristas.
Today also saw the first appointment with the therapist for my daughter. She has been through some tough times with my wifes cancer and things, so we wanted her to be able to talk to someone. It went well, and hopefully, they can help her so she doesn’t end up like her father.
Anxiety Level 4 (with occasional gusting to 5)

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