Journal #2: Air Con Sliding

Today was a fairly quiet day anxiety wise. No major problems or unexpected shocks…until this afternoon.
The morning was uneventful, cleared more rubbish out of the loft and took it to the refuse centre. I am sure 50% out of the 70% they achieved this month was because of me.
Did the usual school run and took our dog Amber with us. She loves the school run because all the kids want to stroke her. I was a little amused to see a certain teacher open the school gate, not sure it’s in the job description.
Later we went to Sainsbury’s to get sausages for dinner. Went into minor health anxiety mode and insisted that we choose a pack from the back in case the front one had done a tour of the supermarket.
Coming out of school my daughter told me that her friend who stayed over wasn’t in school today. Instant alert mode and full interrogation revealed that she was sick last night.
This child that my anxiety sense had flagged as a potential biological weapon was now ill. I felt a justified told you so was in order, but my anxiety level went up a tad.
Then proceeded to try and relocate the mobile air con downstairs for the winter. Whoever designed this ‘mobile’ air con should be sacked. A Boeing 747 is more mobile and probably lighter that this was.
After a lot of struggling and sliding down the stairs, it finally reached the bottom. I feel this is the last trip this air con will be taking upstairs.
Anxiety Level : 5

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