Journal #4 Kenny is in the House

As Arkwright in Open all Hours used to say ‘It’s been a funny old day’. Well, not so much funny as turbulent. It started off fairly well, took the car in for its MOT after dropping my daughter off at school. My anxiety levels started to climb and I wasn’t really sure why. It has been a tough week trigger wise, and my brain is particularly trigger happy with the old panic button at the moment.
I deployed countermeasures and it settled things a bit, but it was a rocky day after that. On the plus side, two pumpkins bought for Halloween and got the car back in one piece.
This evening for some reason, I had the song Lucille by Kenny Rogers going around in my head. Making up the words to the parts I couldn’t¬†remember.

In the end, I had to resort to YouTube and watched the song with lyrics. I then went on a bit of a Kenny Rogers song fest and ended up watching many of his hit songs.
I have always had a soft spot for Kenny Rodgers music, very descriptive¬†as Country and Western often is. Though none can match the classic ‘How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Go Away’ and many other great song titles.
I am calmer now thankfully…maybe due to Kenny!

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