Journal #9 Drinking Tea Out of a Beaker 

As I write this journal, I am waiting for my daughter to finish her choir practice. Also, because we have only one flask between two it means I am left with drinking tea out of a yellow beaker. All this while very fit young people jog past me drinking healthy water.
Then from the room behind me, a student who is no more than 7 years old, starts playing the James Bond theme on the piano.
I sometimes think that rather than a grammar school, I have wandered onto the set of Fame.
Today has been a good day anxiety wise, no major flare-ups or wobbly moments to report. My daughter’s school did a very good impression of being extremely unhelpful, but even that was satisfactorily resolved.
Although before that, I had threatened them with the school governors, the county council, the local newspapers and pistols at dawn.
I just want a quiet life really.
Anxiety Level 4

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