Musical Reflections #2 – Glad All Over

For those that don’t know, I am that Crystal Palace fan, and I have heard this song played many times since I first saw them play.

I won’t say how old I was, or the team I saw as I honestly cannot remember, one of the problems of having anxiety for so long. I do remember, however, spending many match days watching the team from the Holmesdale Road end with my friends. At the time, this was a standing area with no roof, which meant you had to keep your eyes out for pigeons. They used to fly from one floodlight pylon to the other, dropping their droppings as they went. It was an unlucky day for you if they managed to hit your meat pie.
My most fond memory, and one that involved this song a lot was the 1990 F.A Cup Final against Manchester United. My brother and I had agreed to travel up by official coach from the ground, along with hundreds of other fans. The driver started the journey with Glad All Over which immediately got everyone singing. However, he continued playing it about every 15 minutes so by the time we reached Wembley I was getting a bit sick of it if I’m honest.

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