Musical Reflections #5 – Oh Yeah

My musical reflection this time is more of a musical remembrance because it’s a song I haven’t heard for a long time. You know it can sometimes happen that you are in a shop or listening to the radio and a song will come on that you haven’t heard in a while. You then suddenly remember that you used to love that song and you want to hear it again. I had one of those experiences today in a local shop.
I was striding purposefully through the aisles as I knew what I wanted, when I heard the song, Oh Yeah by Roxy Music. As I went through the shop, I started singing it to myself and I then noticed that other people of a certain age were doing the same. I must admit, it led me to stay in the shop a little longer than planned to hear the rest of the song.

The thing about this band and this song is that I loved a lot of their music and in particular this song. However, I cannot remember when I heard it or how, most likely listening to the radio as I never actually bought a Roxy Music album I’m ashamed to say.

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