Musical Reflections #8 – Lord of the Dance

I attended Purley Oaks primary school in South Croydon for a few years, and I have many memories of my time there which is quite unusual for me. I remember going to camp and not liking it at all, I remember my mum working in the kitchen which was actually quite nice, and I remember a nice dinner lady who patched me up when I hurt my eye.
Another thing I remember were the assembly’s that we used to have. I am pretty sure we had small green books with the words in them and I remember singing this particular hymn.

Lord of the Dance is a song that we seemed to sing often, along with another song that is the subject of a later reflection. Lord of the Dance has remained with me as one of my favourite hymns, it’s a shame that I wasn’t able to find a YouTube video that gives it the same power and joy that I remember at school.
As I think about standing in that school hall singing that song, I can clearly see how it looked, even today. My daughter gets the same joy from singing her hymns at school as she often comes home singing them. I wonder if they will stay with her as mine have with me.

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