Podcast Ep 36 – MS and How it Can Affect Your Mental Health With Guest Kathy Young

and mental health with guest kathy  young.

Your mental health can be affected in many ways, especially when dealing with a difficult diagnosis such as MS. 

On today’s episode, I talk to podcaster and blogger Kathy Young about how being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis affected her mental health, and how she now helps others. 

You can find Kathy’s podcast and blog on her website FUMS.com, and you can also sign up to her latest project, Patients Getting Paid

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Podcast Ep 35 – Should You Take a Time Out From Technology?

Should you take a time out from technology

I love tech, but sometimes, being constantly connected to everyone else can become draining. 

Today, I discuss whether it’s a good idea to occasionally take some time out, and turn off those mobile phones. Can being off the grid help your mental health? 

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Podcast Ep 34 – Do You Find Blogging Therapeutic?

Do You Find Blogging Theraputic_

Today, I talk about how blogging has helped me as a type of therapy, to tell my story and how it has evolved over the years.

I also talk about how popular blogging has become, and what you can do to become a blogger if you think you have a story to tell.

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Ep 33 – Mental Health in History

The way that mental health and conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder have been improved through research and greater understanding, is wonderful.

It is even more amazing when you consider how doctors and therapists used to treat such conditions.

I talk about how mental health treatment has changed, and how new technology and research has also eliminated some stigma.

I also take a look at the role of the asylum, and how it dealt with people with mental health problems.

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Podcast Ep 32 – How to Avoid Germs in Public Toilets

Public toilets are often places you try to avoid unless absolutely necessary. However, if you do need to use them, what can you do to avoid getting germs? Some people even ask if you can you get an STD from a toilet seat.

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Podcast Ep 28 – Are Facebook Groups Bad For Mental Health Support?

There are a lot of Facebook Groups that are there to support people with mental health problems. However, are they always the best way to get the support you need? With so much in the media about social media and mental health, what are the dangers of Facebook?

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Podcast Ep 27 – What Are the Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants?

If you are taking antidepressants or you are thinking about what alternatives you can find, then this is the podcast for you.

In this episode, I talk about some of the alternatives you can find, and how they can help you.

*I am not a trained doctor or medical person, I am simply trying to give others the tools they need. You should seek professional medical advice if you have any concerns or questions about your antidepressants*

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Podcast Ep 26 – Does Caffeine Have an Effect on Anxiety?

As a lover of coffee and tea, I have tried on a few occasions to limit my intake, but to no avail. Research suggests that caffeine can have an adverse effect on mental health, and can cause anxiety in particular. This can be especially true for those with caffeine sensitivity.

Today, I talk about how caffeine has affected me, and what the alternatives are.

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Podcast Ep 25 – Helping Others and Yourself

Everyone needs a little help now and then, and there are many charities out there all trying to do just that. Today, I talk about trying to raise funds for mental health charities and how we can all get together to help each other, and those less fortunate.

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