Pass the Bacon Please

Now, if there are any vegetarians out there, I apologise in advance, but this post is about bacon.
I have recently heard a story in the news about a national bacon shortage that was gripping the UK. I must say that I didn’t believe it, and thought that it was just fake news or someone looking to cause widespread panic. However, my initial thoughts were wrong, very wrong.
Just a couple of days later, I drove into my favourite fast food restaurant (the one with the clown), and found a frightening note taped to the drive-thru intercom. In so many words, it said that all food containing bacon wasn’t available.
After I had dried the tears from my eyes and gone through the whole gambit of emotions when mourning, I decided to go elsewhere. It struck me though how much of an affinity we have with some foods, whether it is because we have always loved them, or that we have recently discovered them.
Until such time as the bacon shortage is resolved, I will be sitting in a dark room watching bacon on my computer.

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