Picture perfect: How helpful is social media for our mental health? – BBC News

panic-anxietyI was reading a very interesting article on the BBC News website about the role of social media in mental health. There is an argument that some aspects, such as holiday photos and beautiful scenery, can cause people to feel depressed or unhappy.
However, there are many that have set up self help and support groups on Facebook as a way for people to get together and find help.
I find that social media is a double edged sword, there are many people particularly on Twitter, that work hard to raise awareness and support people. However, there are also pages that do exactly the opposite, showing skinny women and proclaiming that you should have a body like that!
The problem with bearing your problems on Facebook and Twitter, is that they may be seen by people you don’t intend to tell. This is always a problem, which is why social sites like Elefriends by the charity MIND are so good. They let you anonymise yourself and discuss things between people going through the same issues.
I think that social media has helped many people who may otherwise feel alone and isolated, but for some, it may be the catalyst for deeper sadness.

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