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Today we took our daughter to see another secondary school St Anselm’s Catholic School in Canterbury. We had already been to see Archbishops School and this was going to be the only other secondary school we would visit.
We were one of a few families that arrived for the tour, and we were immediately impressed with the staff and the atmosphere at the school. We were greeted by one of the sixth form pupils who was going to be our guide.
First, we visited the computer suite which has a number of PC’s available for the students to use. We were also told that they can have access to laptops and tablets if required.
We then went to see the gym and sports hall which was very big and well equipped. We weren’t able to see much as there were classes going on, but it was a nice building with lots of space.
We then went on to see the art rooms which had some stunning examples of students work dotted around the room. We also saw the gallery where they display their work.
One of the things that struck my wife and I was that the school was on very level ground with ramps and lifts for the higher levels. This was great to see as parents of a daughter with mobility problems.
Our tour then took us to the music, performing arts and science rooms. My daughter particularly enjoyed the science and biology room as they were diffusing pink gel into some water which she found fascinating. She also loved the animals that they had including the Degu and a bearded dragon.
The tour concluded with a visit to the chapel and the lunch hall which had a very impressive fingerprint scanner so the students don’t need to carry money.
Overall, we were very impressed with the school and the students. They seem geared up to look after the student’s needs and wellbeing.
But don’t take my word for it, this is what my daughter has written about her visit.

In my review of St Anselm’s was pretty good  it had loads of computer rooms and loads of learning was going on so they were really concentrating really well. So if you were going to go to that to that school I think you would really like it there. This is my opinion so you  can have a different opinion don’t take my opinion if you don’t want to go there I’m only saying I like it .

I think she likes it.

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