The Anxious Mind: Buses

anxious mind - buses

Buses are a great way to get around, they are safe, better for the environment than cars (apparently), and they can transport a lot of people at one time. I have used them many times, and they have always been comfortable and…well, sometimes clean.

That is what my rational mind thinks, my anxious mind thinks something else.
My anxious mind doesn’t see a bus; it sees an incubator, a petri dish on wheels, a metal box full of the most dangerous pathogens known to humankind. These deadly viruses are on every surface inside the bus; they are on the handrails, the seats, and the windows. They are carried by the people who cram in the bus and cough and sneeze all over everything. Many times, I have sat in front of someone that has sneezed onto the back of my head. I can almost feel the string of snot dangling from my head to their nose.

My anxious mind then sees a dark, rainy, cold day where everyone’s germ infested breath steams up the windows. It runs down in little rivers and collects at the bottom of the window in small pools.

The anxious mind can be very convincing – that’s why it’s dangerous.

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