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This week I have been thinking about the things I learn as a writer. Writing for so many clients, I have to do research on many different subjects. I often think of myself as Jabez Wilson, the red headed pawnbroker in the Sherlock Holmes story ‘The Red Headed League.’
In that story, Jabez Wilson was duped by his assistant Vincent Spaulding who was working for the notorious Professor Moriarty. Spalding sent Wilson to an office of the Red Headed League who wanted him to copy out the Encyclopaedia Britannica for a nominal wage. In actual fact, the league was a distraction so that Spaulding could dig a tunnel from the shops cellar to the bank next door.
I sometimes think of myself as Jabez Wilson, sitting there researching all manner of things from American law to Mexican history. Just to note, I don’t have a cellar and I don’t have red hair. 
It is actually the best part of my work, that I can learn so much about other countries and cultures that I might never have known before. I also know a lot about American garage doors, but that’s beside the point.
P.S Points awarded if you know what the title of this post is about.

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