The Shadow of my Anxiety

the shadow of my anxiety

As I have mentioned in previous articles on my anxiety, I have often seen it as something that walks with me and occasionally I can feel its shadow casting over me. That was one of the reasons for my blog title Walking with Anxiety.

In the past couple of days, I have felt this shadow over me, and the worst thing is, I am often the last person that notices it. My family have told me that I seem quiet and moody, which are often classic signs for me.

Makes no Sense

The trouble with these low moments, is that they can make absolutely no sense at all. I can be perfectly fine one day, and then down the next. Of course, many people with anxiety feel the same way, and if there was a logical explanation, then it would be easier to find a resolution.

Trying to Help

As part of my need to help others in similar situations, I have started to answer questions on a site called Quora. There are many people on there looking to find answers to their mental health questions and I try to give some advice if I can. It is great that many people have started to talk about their mental health and I think that is why there is an increase in people being recorded. It makes it more bearable to me if I can use this experience to help others get the support they need. I have also been doing a similar thing on Pinterest, mainly because I feel other platforms like Twitter aren’t giving me the opportunities to help like these do.

Lackluster Performance

Another downside to this feeling is even though I am determined to get more involved in my own writing, I have a deep lack of motivation. I have so many ideas and things I want to do, but that doesn’t seem to give me the strength to get them done.

I know that this is a temporary blip, and that tomorrow may be totally different, so here’s to tomorrow!


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