The Tree Goes Up, The Tree Goes Down

For the past two Christmases, we have somehow ended up with a kitten running around. In fact, last year we had siblings that were only a couple of months old. We thoroughly enjoyed their playing and chasing balls, but when it came time to put up the Christmas tree, things turned ugly.
Last year, we at least had the head start of being able to get the tree up and decorated. This year however, we weren’t so lucky. No sooner had we assembled the tree, then our kitten Cinnamon was climbing halfway up to get a good view of the proceedings. The lights were on and things were progressing well until the tinsel and baubles. As soon as my wife and daughter started to place them on the tree, Cinnamon stuck out a paw and flicked it off again. For every three they put up, she would flick two off.
I came back in from putting lights on our rose bush to see the two of them frantically trying to replace the baubles Cinnamon had thrown off. There was much laughing (from me) and exasperation from them.
24831102_10156088289369391_7582746269325480579_o It was at this point that one of the kittens from last year, Felix, decided to come home. When he saw the tree that he had so successfully dismantled last year, he was overcome with the need to try again. A lot bigger and now a year old, he made more of an impression on the tree than last Christmas, and was able to do far more damage.
We decided that it would be best to leave the tree for now, and start again tomorrow when they are all asleep.

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