The Value of You – Poem

the value of you poem

There was a time when I used to be,

scared of offending anyone, even me.

I would worry and fret that I had said something wrong,

afraid if I did, then I wouldn’t belong.


Any thoughts that I had, or opinions to share,

would be pushed deep inside, and made to stay there.

I blamed my anxiety for my reluctance to talk,

and convinced myself that I would simply balk.


Though as my age rises, and my years advance,

I have started to take a different stance.

I have started to see what I should all along,

that there is no comfort to only belong.


Those groups you attend and the friends you hold dear,

are only worth knowing if they are happy to hear.

The things you say and the deeds you do, value your opinions,

and value you too.




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