When the Reseal Tab Never Sticks

seal-tabToday has been one of those days when you think it would have been better to skip it and move straight to Sunday.
It has been a day when the question “Why does it have to happen now?” was reverberating on my mind.
The first incident happened as I was loading some rubbish into the car to take to the tip. I had taken time to carefully load as much as possible because I didn’t want to do another trip. I finally squeezed in the last of the cardboard and bid farewell to the family.
I got into the car as I have many times and then sat in confusion as the car refused to turn over. Even though I knew what had happened, I tried again to start the car as if somehow I had been dreaming before. I then knocked on the door and got the usual “Oh that was quick” jibe from my daughter before announcing that the car was buggered.
Thankfully, by brother-in-law was home and managed to rescue me (again). You see this happened about a week ago, and I just put it down to the fact that we had the radio and phone charger on when waiting at the school. However, I know now that it was more than that. I then proceeded in a tip bound direction because the smell was getting bad in the car, and headed to two car parts shops before getting another battery.
I had made the decision that I was going to conserve battery power if possible, so I put the wipers on intermittent so I could see most of the time, and refused to put the heater on because of the fans. I also did the minimum of indicating permissible and turned the interior light off. I managed to get to the tip and get the battery without further incident (apart from smelling like Catweasel).
I decided to try and fit the new battery, but the rain was getting steadily worse, so I thought for my own peace of mind to test the old battery first. I stood there as the rain trickled down my back, staring at the tester that showed the electronic equivalent of “Oh that’ll cost ya!” as it displayed a faulty alternator. I then went back inside and announced that the car was utterly buggered!
Thankfully, I didn’t trust a tester that I had owned since 1998, and tried other tests that seem to show it is in fact the battery after all. It was now too late to change the battery today, so I decided to have a snack of fruit and nut mix, only to discover that the resalable tab they provide won’t reseal. I shouldn’t have been surprised as they never seal properly, which makes me wonder why they bother. I can see now that the only way to improve this day is to have something slightly alcoholic and go to bed.

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