Why I’m Changing The Way I Write My Blog on Anxiety

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while, but I have also been trying new ideas in the hope that I can get my blog moving forward.

When I started my original blog three years ago, I wasn’t thinking about getting lots of readers or making money, I only wanted to get my story out there and in some ways make it a therapeutic experience.

However, recently I have been captured by the idea of getting more people to see my blog and share my experiences with others. I want to show people in my situation that they aren’t alone and that they can get help. So I decided to get my own domain name and become a ‘serious’ blogger.

My Goals

Initially, my goals were to find a growing audience for my posts, but I soon found that there was potential to also get some revenue as well. I had know this for a while, but the idea was beginning to make sense to me.

However, as time went on, I realized the things I would need to do in order to get this following and to figure highly on the rankings of the search engines like Google.

Freedom to Choose

I have been looking at a lot of YouTube videos to try and find out how I can get my blog out to more people, and I found that it is almost an art form. For example, I started to change by photos  so that they were conforming to the standard required for Pinterest, and I started to look for keywords that I could add to my stories. I then thought that all of this was starting to detract from the reason I was writing – to tell my story.

What do I Want Now?

I have been evaluating what I want from my blog, and I have now decided that I want it to still be the personal story I had always wanted it to be. I will still share it around on social media, but my prime objective is to get my story out to people that are in the same situation.

By trying to conform to what the search engines want me to do, or how they want my blog to look, will simply make me the same as all the other blogs out there. What I want is for people to see that this is something different and that they can trust I am not trying to get clicks or rank highly on searches.

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